Apart from our prescribed textbooks, we have integrated interesting yet challenging co-curricular activities to provide a strong educational foundation for all students to become responsible and contributing members of society. Our co-curricular activities ensure that each child is encouraged to learn and demonstrate appropriate behavior, values necessary for lifelong learning and meaningful participation in a global society. All the co-curricular activities are conducted within the school hours.

  •  School Excursions

School Excursions are one of the regular features of our school. We conduct different excursions for different classes depending on their class curriculum to provide students with first hand experience, enhance their observation skills, communication skills and interpreting skills. Students visit zoo; historical places around the school community;religious places like temples, churches, gumbas and mosques; factories; government offices and many others.

School Excursion to Makwanpur Gadhi ( Historical Fort )

Students and teachers are learning about the history of Makawanpur Gadhi as part of their project work.

 Integrating Cultures

We strongly feel that educators need to provide opportunities for students to explore and learn the different cultures existing in communities. This allows students to be proud of their identity and accept differences among various cultures. We celebrate Mothers’ Day, Teej (Women’s Festival), Asar 15 (National Plantation Day), Father’s Day, Tihar (Festivals of light), Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Buddha Jayanti, Christmas and others as part of our curriculum.

  •  Art and Crafts

Art and crafts classes help students to express themselves in various ways. They learn free painting, sketches, collage, to make cloth bags, greeting cards and many others.

  •  Computer Classes

We have introduced technology from Grade One. Computer classes aim to make students’ technology friendly and learn basic computing skills.

  •  Library

To promote reading habit of students, we have allocated one period once in a week for library. Students read books silently in library class and are allowed taking library books at home. Room to Read, Nepal supported to construct a two room building for library and provided with books, teaching resources in 2007.

  •  Competitions

Every Friday, we organize different competitions to provide students with a platform to compete with each other and enhance their potentialities. Such competitions are organized on the basis of students’ grade level and houses.

We have divided students and teachers into four different houses i.e. red house, blue house, yellow house and green house to foster team work. Along with school programs, our students also participate and compete in various programs organized by other neighbouring schools and organizations. In the past, our students had participated in spelling contest, drawing competition, dance competition, volleyball tournament, quiz contest, debate competition and memory tests.